Beat Blue Monday

The third Monday in January.. Blue Monday. In 2005 named to be most depressing day of the year. Man who came up with the concept: Cliff Arnall. This tutor, of the University of Cardiff defined the moment based on weather conditions, financial data and new year’s resolutions that ended before the first month was up. His intentions were good “I wanted to inspire people to take action and make bold life choices”.

Despite Arnall honorable reasons there is nothing stimulating about the concept. If you weren’t feeling blue already because the chocolates magically disappeared, you are more a sponsor of the gym than an active member and January didn’t turn out to be as ‘dry’ as expected, than the phrase Blue Monday is just enough to push you over the edge.  Below some tips to make it through the day. And, don’t worry.. none of them involve a healthier diet or exercise

1. Indulge yourself

Treat yourself to a spa-day or just relax in your own tub. Really can’t resist a glass of wine of pizza? Than savor each sip or nip. Try not to feel guilty, there’s always tomorrow!

2. Listen to music

Music is one of the most powerful tools to get you in a certain mood. Even playing a song in your mind is enough to stimulate (positive) feelings. Why not give it go with “Happy” or “Can’t stop the feeling”?

3. Cuddle

In this age of #metoo hugging the first mammal in your proximity may not be the best option unless it has 4 paws. The calming effect of petting animals has been proven over and over again. Not a fan of furry creatures? Watching animal video’s such as cats befriending baby ducks can also work wonders on your mindset. My personal favorite:

Wishing you a wonderful day.