Since a few days Sophia serves me breakfast. She knows that I love fresh melon, crispy toast and a creamy latte. The boutique hotel where I’m staying prides itself on it’s customer intimacy. In my opinion, a concept in which they’ve succeeded very well. Today Sophia asked me what I did for a living. Proudly …

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Icecream sandwhich

In Sicily people love an icrecream sandwhich, a ‘brioche gelato’ For me as a Dutchie it’s the weirdest thing. I would expect cheese in a tasty looking white bun. People from different cultures have different eating habits. A fact that I also experienced in the work place. During my last assignment at MUFG, my Japanse …

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Freelance Fitness

As an employee of large organisations I enjoyed the benefits of corporate wellness programs, That is to say, I forced myself to lift a couple of weights and while starring at Discovery channel run a couple of miles. With the lockdown coming to an end, I had no excuses left to not get back in …

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Talent, Career Management and Mobility

Talent development, shaping change and mobility. Topics that have intrigued me for years and are the common denominator in my career. It is therefore that I am so proud to facilitate a module on this theme for my old school. See you in class 2020-2021? https://www.inholland.nl/academy/opleidingen/human-resource-management/talentmanagement-loopbaan-en-mobiliteit/

No more non-compete

Is a non-complete clause still the way to go in our battle for talent and boosting the employee experience.

The S.U. principle

In our leadership communication training we offer our participants a variety of tools & tips that are usefull in every day life. One of the things ALL participants remember is the S.U.-principle. Before you start wrecking your mind that these letters stand for I will share the secret. It’s: Shut Up. A lot of people …

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Beat Blue Monday

The third Monday in January.. Blue Monday. In 2005 named to be most depressing day of the year. Man who came up with the concept: Cliff Arnall. This tutor, of the University of Cardiff defined the moment based on weather conditions, financial data and new year’s resolutions that ended before the first month was up. …

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Farewell resolutions

Newyears was first celebrated 4000 years ago in Babylon. Origingally the year changed in March untill Julius Caesar changed it to January. Newyear resolutions also derive from this era, and thus kicked of the patron of great plans on January 1st to frustration on Blue Monday. Why is it so difficult to do sports and …

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