Performance Review

When it comes to Performance Reviews there’s only one thing to say: Stop! “Great conversations” strives for continuous feedback and appraisal. Great ideas, but for most organizations december equals performance reviews.. So what if you are still part of those 95% of the companies? Here are some tips: 1. Objective performance reviewsDo not exist. Everyone …

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About 65% of all joiners leave their new position to pursue other options only after 3 months in. Given this fact, it’s not surprising that not even a third of the new hires is actually happy with their new employer. Approximately 20% does not even wait untill probation has ended, but leaves within 45 days. …

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Quotum or no quotum

Recently I applied for a position as a Member of a Supervisory Board Unfortunately I didn’t get the job because another candidate already had experience as a Member. Get that, but if you never the chance to get selectieprocedure om Raad van Toezicht-lid te worden. Reden? Er was een andere kandidaat die al eerder ‘lid’ …

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Brain Offline

Brain offline

It seems that in South Africa nobody is in a hurry. Although, that doesn’t apply to me. I am always rushed. Even on holiday I keep up the pace and spot the shortest queue. If I really have to wait, I kill the time on Linkedin, Facebook and my recently added Insta-account. Make sense says …

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