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Brain Offline

Brain offline

It seems that in South Africa nobody is in a hurry. Although, that doesn’t apply to me. I am always rushed. Even on holiday I keep up the pace and spot the shortest queue. If I really have to wait, I kill the time on Linkedin, Facebook and my recently added Insta-account. Make sense says …

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Quotum or no quotum

Recently I applied for a position as a Member of a Supervisory Board. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job because another candidate already had experience as a Member. I get that, but if you never catcha break, how are you ever going to get that experience to begin with? Whether or not my opponent was …

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Proof of the pudding

Today I woke up feeling like it’s the first day of school after the summer holidays. At least that kind of describes the sense of having butterflies floating around in my stomach. Have all the back and neck cramps  of working in a non-ergonomic manner paid off? Will the workshop provide new insights on an …

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The making of… GEMS

In my first blog I wrote about the hardships of starting your own company and building a website. This time I’m gonna share the adventures of setting up a workshop, aka.. the making of GEMS.  Due to amazing jobs such as the Talent & Development role I got acquainted with ‘colour tests’, ergo do you …

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Hello World

Hello world,  A very optimistic approach to set ‘Hello world’ as a default title for your first blog. Hi friends, colleagues and acquitances would be way more appropriate. Fortunately I only eat cookies so I am confronted with the number of website visitors.  The phrase Hello World does take me back to The Wizz. The …

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