White paper

The carrot and the stick

Above all, people are driven to avoid pain and increase pleasure. Thus, Freud’s findings. Although people weigh the impact of the pain-pleasure principle on both the long- and short term, short term effect prevails. No surprise here! The dishes will still need to be washed tomorrow, but the immediate pleasure of watching Netflix wins…   …

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Super proud and happy to kick of another module on Change, Talent Management, Career Development and Mobilty. Such a delight to finally do this face to face with the students.

Home sweet home

Finally, the day you knew would come is here! As we speak I am drafting a back-to-the-office action plan. Home working definitely has it’s plusses: no traffic jams, happy pets and a quite some savings on stockings (since you’re legs are never in front of the camera… ) But, homeworking also means the every day …

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Never a dress…

Today on International Womansday is a great time to probe on a common misunderstanding. For everyone who also assumed that the well known symbol, on let’s say female toilet’s, depict a dress.. gues again..


“We weren’t agile enough” thus Hugo de Jonge on the Dutch vaccination programme. But what do we mean with Agility? The dictionary says “easy to maneuver, to change or turn’. Management books speak of ‘agile organizations’ if they respond quickly and effectively to trends and developments. During the first lockdown in March we saw some …

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Sustainable Careers

Last week I participated in a focusgroup of the University of Amsterdam. My take away was that employability increases with the diversity of jobs you held and the numbers of companies you worked for. Offcourse without going overboard and becoming a proper ‘job hopper’. Changing jobs in order to create a sustainable career. In day …

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Covid Countdown

December. The last month of 2020 is finally here! Contradictions we were faced with was almost comparable with the Dutch policies on the use of face masks, from “there are no benefits, to required by law”. Initially there was a sense of togetherness and reflection, but with the evaporation of our patience this sentiment also …

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Unconventional Coaching

As an HR Professional I regularly provide coaching. In spite of previous classses I took, I wanted to refresh my knowhow. Therefore I enrolled in a course on (Team)coaching. A lot of the content is a feast of recognition, but I also gain new insights especially in the field of unorthodox coaching. An example: During …

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Since a few days Sophia serves me breakfast. She knows that I love fresh melon, crispy toast and a creamy latte. The boutique hotel where I’m staying prides itself on it’s customer intimacy. In my opinion, a concept in which they’ve succeeded very well. Today Sophia asked me what I did for a living. Proudly …

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Talent, Career Management and Mobility

Talent development, shaping change and mobility. Topics that have intrigued me for years and are the common denominator in my career. It is therefore that I am so proud to facilitate a module on this theme for my old school. See you in class 2020-2021? https://www.inholland.nl/academy/opleidingen/human-resource-management/talentmanagement-loopbaan-en-mobiliteit/