Covid Countdown

December. The last month of 2020 is finally here! Contradictions we were faced with was almost comparable with the Dutch policies on the use of face masks, from “there are no benefits, to required by law”. Initially there was a sense of togetherness and reflection, but with the evaporation of our patience this sentiment also slowly degerated. At least a bit understandable because with all the fear and greeve also came boredom. A trip to the supermarket and online drinks as main events do get tideous in time. Acts of ” rebelion’ evolved from a careful hug to, unfortunately, to illegal parties.

I myself look back at 2020 with mixed feelings. As a newbie freelancer, I experienced inmense panic when an assignment fell through. Then again I was also over the moon when I landed a cool new job. One, for which I even got to the go to the office now ande again. Plus, where I met the best of people!.

With the closure of restaurants I had to do a lot of cooking myself. As a result, loads of special nights with close friends.., and mixt culinary outcomes.

At this time I am counting down. Not especially to 2021, but vaccinations, recovery and back to the normal ‘normal’.