Netflix: Radical transparancy

Recently I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal about the company culture at Netflix. The board of this famous streaming services describes her culture as radically honest and completely transparent. Even employee dismissals are decided on within the team, via so called ‘stayer tests’. That not everybody is happy with Netflix’s philosophy is also discussed in the article.

For me the article inspired me to think about the so desired feedback culture companies nowadays strive for. Can you take it too far? I myself, do not get all warm and fuzzy when thinking about the moments someone came up to and posed the infamous question “do you have a second?”. Team sessions during which we started complimenting eachother but always ended with ‘constructive feedback’ did not always go down so well. When people open with the phrase “If I am completely honest.. recipients in general are wise to braise themselves for impact.

Why is it that most us get at least a bit itchy when providing or receiving feedback is requested? And, if you are going to share your thoughts what’s the best way to do it in order to get a positive result? My findings on this topic are reflected in the white paper ‘Feedback: Friend or Foe’. Wanna read? Please click on the link below to download the free white paper.