Food culture

I have a more than average interest in culture. “How we do things” is something that fascinates me to no end. As a semi-foodie there were a couple things I noticed while travelling through Utah and Arizona. The average American does not enter the restaurant when he wants to get some fastfood. The place is completely deserted, but a minor traffic jam can always be found at the drive-in entrance. Another American trait.. A travel companion told me about the sugar lobby. I can totally confirm that this was a succesful one! Bread, fries, hamburgers and even beef jerky contain at least 14% of the white sticky stuff. Even with my sweeth tooth a bit too much of a good thing. Something that was surprised about and totally proud of, that even during a 4 day horseriding rail ‘our cheese’ was available. So if I want to have a taste of home a slice of Gouda is nearby.Berichtnavigatie

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