Hello World

Hello world, 

A very optimistic approach to set ‘Hello world’ as a default title for your first blog. Hi friends, colleagues and acquitances would be way more appropriate. Fortunately I only eat cookies so I am confronted with the number of website visitors. 

The phrase Hello World does take me back to The Wizz. The remake of The Wizzard of Oz starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. The latter says “Hello World” in the hitsong “Brandnew Day”.. and that is suitable for how I feel. 

Last year I was already thinking of kicking of my own business but finally decided against it. Why? Dunno. But now here we are, my website is online. Ergo, it IS a Brandnew Day. 

Gonna have to book multiple massages now cause setting up your online place equals building a thesus or something. And in my case had amazing support #Jordi4president. So the day is brandnew, but my shoulder is definitely feeling it’s 48 years of service. 

Anyways the earlier mentioned friends.. you know who you are and so am I. Forever grateful for the love and support. Hopefully till the next blog!