Home sweet home

Finally, the day you knew would come is here! As we speak I am drafting a back-to-the-office action plan. Home working definitely has it’s plusses: no traffic jams, happy pets and a quite some savings on stockings (since you’re legs are never in front of the camera… ) But, homeworking also means the every day is the same. alarm, attic, living room. Plus chatting online is just not the same as hanging out at the coffee machine. I ‘used to’ love sharing showbiz gossip and getting tips for diner, inquiring about the families of my colleagues and just talking about the weather. In addition there’s the support when you’re having a bad day, and the big laughs about stuff that only you and your peers get. Basically it’s like a second home, a ‘work family’. A business variation on the lame jokes of your uncle, the know-it-all girlfriend of your niece and their own appearance. Personally I can not wait to get my coffee from the machine even that means a long, traffic jammed commute and bying decent shoes. So, just a few more night and HAPPY MONDAY