The making of… GEMS

In my first blog I wrote about the hardships of starting your own company and building a website. This time I’m gonna share the adventures of setting up a workshop, aka.. the making of GEMS. 

Due to amazing jobs such as the Talent & Development role I got acquainted with ‘colour tests’, ergo do you recognize yourself in red, yellow, green or bleu.  The foundation of these typologies originate from 400 BC then linked to water, fire, earth and wind, later refined by none other than Hippocrates. In the centuries that followed, people like Jung and Moulton Marston  gave their take on the topic which are reflected in the respective tests MBTI and DISC.  

Society evolves. Certain Things that used to be very attractive are nowadays items nobody even want to touch. Just think of the shiny lease-car which was every Yuppie’s dream back in the 90’s. Today a millenial wouldn’t be caught dead in such a source of polution. Also certain competencies, or at least they’re named can have a different impact than once intented. What to do with these thoughts…? 

Modesty is a virtue, but there’s also a time and place for it. So I figured, what the heck, I am developing my version of a ‘colour test’. With respect for the familiarity of the used colours and validated tests (thanks to my dear expert colleagues), I linked the types to GEMS. Focus is on the quality that each stone brings to the table plus how for example a Ruby can help a Saffire monitor progress. 

Sleepless nights and the endless patience of befriended experts led to a questionnaire that was ready to go. Next step: getting it online. Also no easy job for a non-digi wizard like myself. For correct result processing I even called upon the support of the CFO of a multi national, but in all honestly it looks brilliant! 

Seeing is believing. For every stone I wanted to get footage to show what preferred communication could look like. Fortunately in my inner circle there are also friends that feel spending a sunny saturday outdoors is overrated. Equipped with a proper filmcrew I got to feel like Sofia Coppola for a day. By the way, did you know that shooting a video with a camera on your back in a stuffy office equals the sweat production of taking a sauna bath? Or so my camera man says. 

Currently I am the proud owner of videos that show in a funny but oh so effective manner what the differences between a Diamond, Ruby, Saffire and Emerald might look like. I’m guessing an Oscar will a long shot, but I am personally rewarding my entire crew with a Golden Goat.  

Till next time,