Icecream sandwhich

In Sicily people love an icrecream sandwhich, a ‘brioche gelato’ For me as a Dutchie it’s the weirdest thing. I would expect cheese in a tasty looking white bun.

People from different cultures have different eating habits. A fact that I also experienced in the work place. During my last assignment at MUFG, my Japanse peers look rather pitiful at my ham sandwich while they enjoyed a hot, noodle lunch. Kind of the same look I gave my German teammates when they mixed soda with their wine. ‘Gespritzt’ is what they call it. My Dutch colleague once ordered an orange juice with his steak while lunching with our Belgium team in Brussels. Something that they still remind him of with great pleasure.

Cultural differences are not weird but sometimes pretty special. How to deal with them? Well why not nibble on a noodle, sip a gespritzter wein or sink your teeth in an icrecream sandwich. Who knows, you might just find something you really like!