No more non-compete

A close friend of mine is returning back to work in Netherlands. His enthusiasm about the job decreased once he discovered a non-compete clause in the contract. To his question if this is common I answered “Yep, as an HR Professional I see all sorts of clauses in contract. But, chill often an employer and employee work something out if push comes to shove”. When he answered: “Why is it in there then? Doesn’t it make way more sense to invest in a brilliant Employee Experience so in case one would leave you wouldn’t dream to cross over your company?” Now, I was tongue tied, because he had a fair point.

In today’s labour market, employers are so afraid to lose talents they almost thigh them to a chair. Naturally for certain roles, clauses are essential, but having early to mid-career employees sign contracts that will prohibit any chance of getting ahead is beyond the purpose in my point a view. If you offer a great Employee Journey, sure people will still leave. But swallow and wish them well. An ambassador for life will benefit you much more than a couple of 100 euro’s in fines. Please feel free to share your thoughts!