About 65% of all joiners leave their new position to pursue other options only after 3 months in. Given this fact, it’s not surprising that not even a third of the new hires is actually happy with their new employer. Approximately 20% does not even wait untill probation has ended, but leaves within 45 days. Reasons for these sad facts are often: poor selection and onboarding.

Many times during recruitment things already start to go south. The manager wants a candidate who is fit for the job and step up to the plate asap. Thus, the recruiter drafts a senior profile and finds a match in a colleague that works in a similar role with the competition. Perfect match, cause newby reaches her goals in no time at all. Not so perfect since the employment contract is short lived. Just like most of the applicants the starter in this story left her job because she felt a challenge was lacking. And although this new position was pitched as complex and exciting in turned out to be ‘same same but different’. Now she feels like she’s facing a bore-out again and soon joins the 20% that leaves shortly after starting. Sure it definitely makes sense for an organization to go for ‘the best’ there is. Nonetheless please take a step back and ask yourself what ‘the best’ in a given situation looks like to not only find a quick fix but build fruitful and sustainable relations.

Then the infamous first day. A bouquet and handshake from the manager is doable. Most of the times these boxes are ticked. Having the workplace set up by arrival is more of a challenge and offering an onboarding program is almost impossible if we believe statistics. While, let’s face it. It’s not rocket science. Set up some meetings with peers and clients, arrange a tour around the premises, appoint a buddy and define development goals. And, stay in touch. Set up evaluations as often and long as needed untill the onboarding flows into performance and development.

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