Proof of the pudding

Today I woke up feeling like it’s the first day of school after the summer holidays. At least that kind of describes the sense of having butterflies floating around in my stomach. Have all the back and neck cramps  of working in a non-ergonomic manner paid off? Will the workshop provide new insights on an individual and team level, while being fun at the same time? “Proof of the pudding is in the eating, so let’s go”.

After 6 more ‘final checks’, off course I found an ‘s’ that didn’t belong on a slide during the workshop. Mortifying, however the amazing Management Team of Purasec could appreciate the gesture of me being true to my type as a Diamond. Even the video’s were a big success. I would say “a star is born” if the leading man would not prefer to stick to his job in banking.

Based on the preliminary feedback of the participants I am inclined to say my mission is accomplished. Almost none the expected outcomes matched the final profiles, but that only fueled engaging conversations which led to new insights for the team and it’s individual members. Having the gems divided, literally in the form of a keychain, the ‘work’ is definitely not done. A follow up on building talent and stretching will for sure be in the cards. I for me can only hope to be part of that because working with such an open and constructive team is like the cherry on my cake!