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Talent development is one of our key talents! Stretch skills on an individual, team or even organizational level a customized approach can be offered.
HR DYNAMICS beliefs in interactive methodologies which stimulate and increase ownership. The focus is to equip and empower, fueling self-reliancy.
We facilitate workforce potential on an individual, team and organizational level. Naturally we also provide a broad range of tooling and methodologies to boost development in a fun and efficient manner.  Every proposal we will tailor made to fit your specific needs.

HR Dynamics has a CRBKO teacher certification.

Personal, team, organizational development.


HR DYNAMICS values Efficiency. We offer what makes sense, no more no less. During our sessions we supply you with tools you can use yourself in real life, or off course, with our professional support. All workshop are known for a high level of interaction and use of diverse media. 
Not much time ? Each workshop is also available as an efficient Lunch & Learn, Breakfast or even Pizza-session. How about a tailormade Pub Quiz? We would love to brainstorm about the possibilities at hand.
Workshops are available for all touchpoints in the Employee Journey; from Onboarding to Offboarding, Diversity & Inclusion and Agile Awareness. In addition to the training sessions, white papers and other material is available. 
A few workshops are highlighted below.  


Almost every employee has experienced a feedback training. Roleplay and providing positive and constructive feedback are the usual suspects on the agenda.  HR DYNAMICS has her own take on the topic which will be delivered in a short session (max. 1 hour). Again, interaction and fun can be expected. 

Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP)

With Sustainable Employability as the buzz word of 2019 there is no way around it: Strategic Workforce Planning. An aging or young population, a booming or cooling economy… Regardless of the scenario that is relevant, the urgency to think about the workforce you need to maintain or grow your business is always there.  Getting a clear view on skills and capabilities is not an easy task. HR DYNAMICS does not offer a quick fix. However proper tooling and guidance are ready to be offered in a custom made session. During the workshop we touch upon each stage of SWP while focussing on your industry. Naturally we can support you in continuing the journey afterwards by building and/or implementation concrete actions. 
“First understand, than be understood”.  
 This quote of Stephen Covey captures the essence of the GEMS workshop. Based on a short questionnaire, filled out at forehand, personality types are linked to ‘colours and gems’. Gained insights will help to get a better understanding of prefered communication styles and talents, both of yourself as well as those of others. Underlining the unique qualities of a Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald and Ruby and how they stimulate eachothers development and effectiveness, is at the core of the workshop.  
The workshop can be used as a kick-off for team and/or personal development but is also an excellent way to boost a teambuilding session.

Are you a Diamond, Saffire, Emerald or a Ruby?