Sustainable Careers

Last week I participated in a focusgroup of the University of Amsterdam. My take away was that employability increases with the diversity of jobs you held and the numbers of companies you worked for. Offcourse without going overboard and becoming a proper ‘job hopper’.

Changing jobs in order to create a sustainable career. In day to day life concepts that are hard to unite. Giving up a steady position? For what exactly? Often I heard people say “I know what I’ve got”, even when the job no longer matched their ambition our needs. The fear of the unknown can be so overwhelming that it becomes paralyzing.  The irony is that remaining in one position too long limits you’re changes in the long run.

Certain shifts in the labor market can fairly easy be translated to their impact on specific positions. Nonetheless these trends and analysis are overall not greeted as valuable indicators to take action, but received as a ‘Sword of Damocles’. Organizations and HR professionals have got their job cut out for them to change the sword into a stepping stone to success. At the end of day, having a sustainable career remains ones own responsibility. In these final days of 2020 a good time to reflect on your own career and employability!