The Employee Journey: Touchpoints

The Customer Journey is a true phenomena in marketing. Alle points of contact between customer and company are part of this so called ‘ journey’. This includes indirect interactions such as online customer reviews or sharing experiences in the cafeteria or at a party. If marketing can do this, so can HR! Perhaps that was the orginal thought when a couple of years ago the Employee Journey saw the light. To quote Richard Branson “Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”

By now the Employee Journey became a phenoma on it’s own. Reason for it’s growing popularity is often linked to increase transparancy. ‘ Google it’ and you know exactly what’s in store for you from both a benefits as well as a cultural perspective. Websites like Glassdoor are booming, by posting anonomous reviews of (ex) employees. Nowadays every applicant finds his way to the information they need. Not one ‘millenial’ will share his profile with a recruiter before doing his online homework. And, it’s not just Generation Y, but the entire workforce expects more than an annual engagement survey. 

Despite the fact that over 80% of the executives questioned for the Global Human Capital Trends 2017 (Deloitte) says the Employee Journey has great significance, almost the same percentage indicates that their organization is not ready. 

Chosing when you collect your holiday pay, development opportunities, wellness apps.. These are all examples of tools that are used to boost the Employee Journey. But, before your business or HR department starts launching applications please realize that the whole point of the Employee Journey is that the approach should be an integrated one. A proper journey adresses all aspects that impacts the Employee Experience and takes workforce diversity into account. 

Below you find a graphic of the Employee Journey. Touchpoints which have a proven impact (positive or negative) on employee experiences are depicted. Offcourse, all moments of contact do not stand alone. Each is linked to another. Ergo, an integrated approach is essential.

Nonetheless you can only eat an eliphant slice by slice. So, dive into the journey step by step, moment by moment. In the upcoming weeks I will write an article each week, zooming in on each touchpoint, sharing tips, tricks and absolute no go’s. 

To be continued…