The right job

January and September are the best months to recruit employees, In itself there is nothing special about this set of 30 days expect that these are the months most people go on holiday. And.. during time of work, people relax, recharge and reflect. Especially faced with the fact that you need to return to the same boss, desk, traffic etc. can really stur things up. Feeling a complete wave of resistance when trying to recall your password, than perhaps it’s time to consider another position. I expirienced the same sensation when I was on holiday a little over 3 years ago in Croatia. Complaining about yet another rejection for a job, my travelmate said she wouldn’t hire me because it was so obvious I didn’t want to be employed again. Secretely I dreamed about my own business, starting out as a freelancer. The lack of enthusiasm for any company or any job was so transparant that surfaced during the interviews. After this trips I started building workshops, a website and got down to business. Since then I was blessed with such amazing assignments and met the most wonderful people. So now, laying at the pool I can not wait to go back and pick up where I lef of with renewed energy. .