Unconventional Coaching

As an HR Professional I regularly provide coaching. In spite of previous classses I took, I wanted to refresh my knowhow. Therefore I enrolled in a course on (Team)coaching. A lot of the content is a feast of recognition, but I also gain new insights especially in the field of unorthodox coaching. An example:

During a session a coachee got so caught up in emotions that the words literally got stuck in his throat. His coach came up with an unusual request.. “bark like a dog”. Much to their surprise, it worked. Like a spell was lifted, the session continued with a proper breakthrough on the record.

Another exceptional method is an ancient zen boeddhist ritual. The kyosaku, the ‘waking stick’, is used at request of the ‘zendo’ or when he dozes off. The stick touches the back and shouldermuscle for a brief moment. Although sligthly hurtfull, the touch of the stick can actually be regarded as a firm massage shaking up the zendo.

I myself I exporing options to broaden my coaching techiques. Initial thoughts go out to someting with ice buckets..

By the way.. anyone interested in a free coaching session?