Welcome Applicant

As an applicant you get to know new people and new companies. Enjoyable and educational. Or so I learned at least some elements which can be optimized in a selection process.

Getting there
Both Waze and Google promised no traffic james. Nonetheless here we are at a standstill. Fortunately I calculate loads of extra travelling time so no stress. In sync with the map the company gave, I arrive with in front of the building with another 10 minutes to spare. However, I am still in my car and the parking lot including a reserved spot with my name on it is no where in sights. After 4 rounds up and down an one way street, a deoderant stress-test I drop my care where I shouldn’t, I sprint to reception. Still panting, but made it, in the nick of time! Golden tip for all hiring organizations: please issue a map that indicates where both human and car can navigate themselves to.

On time. But, the door is closed as in locked and no doorbell to buzz. Five minutes pass and here I am holding the weekly fruitbasket (delivery guy trusted me with the goods) while being on hold waiting to be first caller. The operator bursts my bubble instantly when explaining she is in located in a different building and also can not get hold of anyone. I can always start nibbling on an apple since my appetite for the interview is long gone.

A red carpet is really not necessary. But a warm welcome during this ‘War on Talent’ might just make a difference when attracting and signing the right candidate.