X-mas Blues

I get the Christmas blues. I’m not a grinch. I do wrestle my way through christmas lights and balls until the house is properly decorated. With care I buy gifts and find recepies and actually with pleasure I spent a day in the kitchen to cook. Still by the end of november a touch of melancholy washes over me. And, it’s not just me. While building my Christmas Pub Quiz I found loads of facts that substantiate the phenomena.

In spite of the “All you need is love Christmas special” most break-ups occur in december. Over a million people in Holland feel lonely and a total of three million suffers from stress of planning, leading to the infamous nickname: ‘stress-mis’.

It’s Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. There you are in your nicest outfit, nibbeling on a golden Turkey, buried under beautifully wrapped presents. Friend and family look like they were casted in the Last Christmas video. That’s how it should be. Right? But what if you don’t have any Turkey money. And your loved ones are not with you. What if you standing alone under the mistletoe?

Exactly the pressure of everything needing to be nice, pretty and cosy makes it a not so merry holiday for a lot of people. Lacking financial resources, missing people, it all feels much worse when looked upon through a filter of happy faces and pinetree branches.

If you suffer from the blues, check out Facebook pages such as ‘I hate christmas’ or ‘Christmas hate’. Perhaps they can turn your frown upside down just for a sec!

January is coming, january is coming…